Logo Magic: More Than Words

Branding expert, Michelle Hughes, shares the dos and dont's of modern day branding choices. See why choosing the right branding will ensure your company transcends country and cultural barriers.

Style Magazine April 2014


with Michelle Hughes

SO MUCH MORE than the little graphic in the top corner of a letterhead, great logos stimulate an emotional connection, convey brand personality and insight trust.

Logos transcend language barriers and international boarders, the familiar curves of the Coca Cola font can bring relief to the weary traveller, faced with a foreign menu.

But what happens when a logo starts to look outdated, no longer representing core business? The key to a great logo lies in understanding what a company does and where they are going in the future. Importantly, the historical roots behind a brand should be integrated to encapsulate professional credibility earned over time.

The trend over the last decade has been humanisation of logo, adding warmth and personality, as seen with BHP Billiton, ANZ and more recently Woolworths.

When reinventing a logo, suggest that companies appreciate their market and then who they are, understanding and research are the keys to success.

Getting it right always trumps right now!

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