Social Media Demystified - Part 2

IN MY LAST column we talked about connecting with your audience by defining your brand and voice. Here are some tips on what to say and when to say it.

Naturally, each Social Media platform will take on its own character, but in all cases, keep at the forefront a consistent tone. Use Twitter regularly and keep your followers in the loop with what is happening right now. Facebook is brilliant for teasers upcoming events because you can combine image with message. The simplicity of Instagram is genius and the key to success is emotive imagery. If a picture doesn't make you feel something, don't post it.

To have a real impact we suggests a viral campaign. That is, the same message, written differently for each forum but released simultaneously. This is a fantastic way to garner short term attention on something happening right now, such as a new product launch.

The beauty of social media is the instantiate, but with this power comes responsibility, always ensure that your breaking news is correct and your delivery appropriate. Don't damage your brand or credibility through a hasty upload.

Most importantly, stay true to your brand and the numbers will follow.

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