Marketing Trends for 2015

In the age of Big Data, customers expect the businesses with whom they transact to communicate in a very personal way. With technology now available, it is possible to refine marketing and tailor campaigns to very specific target groups. Here are a few key tips to consider when building marketing strategies for 2015.

Direct and targeted communications will continue to be a source of bread and butter marketing, with guaranteed returns as data insight grows. For any business with a database, exploration of personal communication should be first priority this ear. Those with rich, transactional history should set aside some resources to develop and annual calendar for offers based on previous buying habits. The modern consumer wants to be presented with offers as they are ready to buy, so make it easy for them to purchase.

Paid placements on Google, Facebook, Instagram and relevant industry body sites will become more important in the year ahead. Before investing in a campaign however, it is important to build a strategy, allocate a budget and track the return. If this is not your area of expertise seek professional advice first to save dollars in the future!

Authentic marketing will continue to rank as a priority for consumers who wish to connect with brands true to their core values. Selling out is not an option, know your brand and embrace it.

With more than 80% of the population carrying a smartphone, if you haven’t already optimised your website for mobile make 2015 the year. It is also imperative to maintain social media as a brand gauge for new and existing clients to connect in a non-threatening way. While your business may not transact through your social media platforms, it is important for long term connections, particularly for long buying cycles.

Getting organised for your annual marketing is easy and now is the time to do it! Set time aside now, that way if you are struggling with direction there is plenty of time to ask for help. Start 2015 on the front foot and make this your best year ever.

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