Brand Noise and Stickiness

The most important component of any relationship, commercial or personal, is emotion. Emotion drives every decision made throughout the day, particularly when it comes to purchases. Creating brand noise and telling consumers who you are is only a step in the process.

Fundamentally, people buy from people. On a larger scale, individuals buy from brands they feel an affinity and emotional connection with.

The communication mediums available, from edm and social media to broader above line strategies, provide opportunity to create customer “stickiness” once your brand is identified. We recommend our clients use multichannel approach for all campaigns, to reinforce a message, increase customer connection and revenues.

The key is to make your brand connection is personality, who and what you are about. This should be interwoven at the core of every message and interaction with your company.

Invest in your brand personality and the noise you create will be heard!

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